Frequently asked questions

1. Windscreen replacement

Q: Can I have my windscreen replaced at my home or work address?

A: Yes, Windscreen Direct can come to your location either at home, work or a friend's house.

Q: After having a windscreen replaced can I drive the car straight away?

A: Our technicians will advise that you leave the car stationary for at least one hour to allow the glue to set.

Q: How can I pay for my windscreen replacement?

A: Windscreen Direct can take all types of payment: cash, card, cheque and we can also go through your insurance.

Q: Are the windscreen and repair services guaranteed?

A: All our work is guaranteed. If any windscreen, side or rear window that we have fitted leaks or fails for any reason (other than those beyond our control) we will rectify the problem free of charge.

2. Windscreen / glass repair

Q: Are windscreen repairs acceptable for the MOT test?

A: Yes. It is covered in section 6.1 of the test manual.

Q: Are repairs possible if chip damage is in the driver's view?

A: Repairs are possible in this area, however caution must be expressed if the repair is in the driver's immediate area of vision.

Q: How much will it cost and will my insurance pay for it?

A: On fully comprehensive policies almost every insurance company will pay for the repair without it affecting your no claims bonus. However if the windscreen needs to be replaced your insurance company may charge an excess. If your windscreen is found to be non-repairable Windscreen Direct will pay up to £25 of your excess.

Q: How long do I have to wait before I can drive the car?

A: The car can be driven immediately after the repair is completed.

Q: How strong is the repair to my chipped windscreen?

A: The repair is actually stronger than the undamaged glass.

Q: Is the repair to the windscreen damage permanent?

A: Yes. Once the repair is complete the repair will be permanent.

Q: My insurance policy does not cover for windscreen damage?

A: If you have a third party insurance policy then you may find your windscreen is not covered for damage. Contact Windscreen Direct for one of the cheapest quotes in windscreen replacement and repair. Call us now on 0800 085 3245.

3. Door glass & heated rear windows

Q: Do Windscreen Direct replace door glass?

A: Yes Windscreen Direct can replace your door glass.

Q: My car has been broken into and the door has been damaged can Windscreen Direct secure my car?

A: We understand that cars get broken into and sometimes the door frame can be damaged. The team at Windscreen Direct will come out to you with a new piece of glass and we will fit the glass into the car to the best of our ability but the technician will advise you if your car is too badly damaged to be secured.

Q: My heated back window has been smashed. Can Windscreen Direct replace the heated rear window?

A: Yes, Windscreen Direct can replace the heated rear window in the car. We will also connect the heating element so it will be as good as new.

4. Insurance

Q: Do Windscreen Direct deal with insurance companies?

A: Yes we do. If you have fully comprehensive insurance then your vehicle glass is usually covered by your car insurance.

Q: What paper work do I need to claim through my insurance?

A: All you will need is a copy of your Certificate of Motor Insurance to show our technician. Windscreen Direct will do any unnecessary paper work for you.

Q: Do I have to pay anything to my insurance?

A: No. Depending on your policy cover Windscreen Direct will take an excess from you ranging from £25 up to £75. This is compulsory with any fully comprenhsive insurance policy.

Q: Do I need to contact my insurance company?

A: Windscreen Direct will contact the insurance company on your behalf after the work has been carried out.

Q: Can Windscreen Direct repair body damage?

A: Unfortunately no. If you have had a accident and need glass replacement you will need to contact the body shop where your car will repaired.

5. Location

Q: Can Windscreen Direct come to me?

A: Windscreen Direct can come to most locations within Greater London, Essex, Kent and Sussex.

Q: What areas do you cover?

A: Windscreen Direct covers a vast area of the south-east of England. Please call 0800 085 3245 to see if we can come to you.

Q: Do I bring my car to you?

A: Windscreen Direct is a mobile service making life easier for you.