Privacy policy

Last updated: 02/08/2014

The following is Windscreen Direct's policy for your privacy on this website.

Use of your details

Should you provide them, your contact details may be used for Windscreen Direct to contact you and answer any queries you may have. Any other details you provide may also be used as deemed appropriate by Windscreen Direct in respect of your enquiry or request. Your details may also be entered into a lead management database in order that Windscreen Direct may follow up your enquiry from time to time.

The website server may also log your IP address and any details provided by your browser, such as the user agent HTTP header. These details may be used by Windscreen Direct for tracking and statistical purposes about website visitors, but will not be used to personally identify you.

Altering your details

You may request to have your details updated at any time by providing up-to-date details via our contact information.

Access to your data

You have the right to request what personal information is held about you by Windscreen Direct. Requests should be made via our contact information. Windscreen Direct shall endeavour to respond to your request within 28 days and may request payment of a reasonable administrative charge for fulfilling your request.


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These cookies are automatically generated by Google Analytics.
They are used to track your activity on the website anonymously and to provide statistical information which may be used to improve the website.
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displaycookienotice This cookie is set by this site to indicate whether the 'cookies' notice at the top of the page is to be displayed or not.

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